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      2. Welcome to visit Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD official website!


        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD
        Contact: Mr. Zhang
        Sales Hotline: 134-0510-5251
        Hotline: 181-3611-6252
        Tel: 0512-57779943
        Web: www.yeenfashion.net.cn
        Address:No. 16, Yingyang Avenue, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

        After-sale service

        Current location:Home --> After-sale service
        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD provides 24 hours * 365 day all-weather consultation service for customers, if you have any questions in the process of use, welcome you to call our service hotline 134-0510-5251, our staff will provide orderly, substantial and efficient service for your support.
        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD in the country within the scope of the main city to establish its own sales and service network, when you encounter the purchase of the product fails, the company will always specify the local customer service service center to get in touch with you and provide door-to-door service in a timely manner, to help you solve the menace from the rear. When you received a repair request, the company staff will make emergency response within 24 hours, and has made a phone call to you, reply the solution, inform your local customer service service staff to provide services for the promise of complex fault in 48 hours of repair. If there is no designated service institution in the local area, we request that you increase the duration of the journey. If there is any special case, we will consult with you until the successful solution.
        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD to the idea of 5S for your dedicated service, smile (smile) - with a smile to convey our cheerful, considerate service attitude. Fast (Swift) - rapid completion of maintenance and maintenance services. Sincere (sincere) - a sincere attitude to work is the basic principle of after - sale personnel. Dexterity (skillful) - the use of intelligent work methods and rich knowledge of maintenance to obtain the trust of the customer. Professional (specialty) - the time to learn professional knowledge, to provide professional and quality service to customers.
        Pre sale service: according to the products and drawings processed by customers, the best process analysis, machine selection, tool configuration and fixture design are provided.
        Installation and commissioning: after the machine arrives at the factory, the commissioning engineer will install and debug the scene, and carry out static testing according to the accuracy test table of the equipment and do the actual machining of the parts, so as to confirm the dynamic accuracy.
        After sale service: the company first answers the customer's questions by telephone or fax, if it needs to be processed on the spot, it will arrive 48 hours in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and it will be processed far and near by the way of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.
        Itinerant service: do phone calls and field tracking periodically, so as to understand machine usage and solve problems at any time and guide daily maintenance, so as to ensure smooth operation of machine tools and improve service life of machine tools.
        Technology commitment: all machine tools purchased from our company have sufficient spare parts in the long term. They will not be interrupted due to any factors and provide life-long guarantee, so that customers can buy reassurance and ease of use.