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        How to correctly use and maintain a high speed drill hole tapping machine

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 15:26:16 Hits:687
        No matter what machinery is used, it must be operated, maintained and maintained according to the correct way when using. The high-speed drilling and tapping machine must be operated, maintained and maintained according to the standard.
        We have to do before tapping machine in high speed table drilling work work is to check the operating handle, a switch button is in the correct position, the operation is flexible, according to the requirements of lubrication lubrication, lubrication after the end connected to the power supply, when the bench tapping machine low speed 3 to 5 minutes without any abnormal situation next, we can start work.
        The platform type high speed drilling machine is strictly prohibited when working, and it should be stopped when handling the tapping. Three grasp the chuck cone to clean, the clamp should be reliable. Use a special wrench when unloaded, and it is strictly prohibited to use other objects to knock. We are strictly forbidden to operate with gloves during the operation. If the cargo transfer are normal in electrical line and machine tool, if not tapping the phenomenon, may be the zygote and the return pulley suction die, in such circumstances, measures should be adopted with wooden hammer to hit the lower end of a main shaft, so that the two can attack the wire off. If the abnormal phenomenon occurs during the process of operation, it must stop, find out the reason and deal with it before it can be used.
        After completing the work, stop the operation of the platform type high speed drilling machine and cut off the power supply. In normal daily use process, we must check and maintain at any time, so that we can avoid the failure of the high-speed drilling and tapping machine, and delay the work time.