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        Technology technology of high speed drill hole tapping machine

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 15:23:45 Hits:651
        High speed drilling and tapping machine stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke, shallow hole and Kong Di parts can be adjusted, double safety device can prevent damage to the screw spindle, the upper and lower cutter, ad hoc double safety clutch, the spindle can automatically stop, retreat knife will not reverse damaged.
        The teeth with fast speed, high precision and attack can be detected through the gage. It can be used for high-speed continuous cycle operation, special motor can be durable and automatic, and high-speed drilling and tapping machine can operate multiple devices at the same time, which can significantly save labor costs.
        Work principle: reversal - reversal - turn - reversal... The continuous cycle and the forward rotation -- reverse one way cycle are operated by specific key switches, and pedal switches can also be installed for selective operation, continuous, unidirectional and cyclic automatic.
        Compared with the single axis drill (tapping), the machining accuracy of the workpiece is high and the work efficiency is fast, and it can effectively save the manpower, material and financial resources of the investor. In particular, the automation of machine tools greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The fixed multi spindle drilling device adopts the design plan of the single piece (processing part) machine. According to the reason of its high processing frequency and large volume, it specially tailor one piece of one machine equipment, so it is not necessary to worry about the size deviation and the brain damage in its work. In addition to the customary products, special design can be carried out according to the special requirements of the customer.
        The A and B gears with A, B and the main axis depend on the distance between the teeth. The vertical stability, accuracy and precision are very high. When the screw is tapping, no need to make progress and retreat, so that it can run smoothly. At the same time, it depends on excellent processed products, which will not cause different threads. For thin plates and light metals, synthetic resins and other soft products can also attack perfect threads. At the same time, the multi axis machine can also be configured for multi axis synchronous machining, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.
        1, the spindle and back knife is in accordance with the tooth distance automatic precision coordination, work will not float.
        2, the operator's two hands are free to leave the machine.
        3, can be used for high speed and continuous circulation, sturdy and durable.
        4, the beginner can also operate smoothly.
        5. The adjustment of high precision tapping stroke is simple.
        6, double safety clutch device can prevent the breaking of wire attack.
        7. The coordination of multi axis tapping apparatus can produce high efficiency operation.