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        The operation method of high speed drill hole tapping machine

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 15:23:06 Hits:648
        Before tapping, the work pieces and tools of the tapping must be placed in neat and orderly way.
        After adjusting the taps of tapping machine, the size and depth of tapping are in line with the required size. To prevent slipping and not enough teeth.
        When tapping discharged debris (slag powder etc.), should have vacancies or trough to facilitate the discharge of debris. Clean up at any time.
        The tapping machine often checks the work quality of the work piece.
        The orifice to the threaded hole chamfering, screw through holes at both ends chamfering.
        The position of the workpiece clamp should be correct, and the central line of the threaded hole should be placed horizontally or vertically, so that the tapping can be easily judged whether the axis of the tap is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece.
        In tapping at the beginning, we should try to put it on the tap, then tap the pressure and rotate the holder, when starting the 1-2 lap, careful examination and correction of tap position. When 3-4 ring threads are generally cut in, the position of the taps should be correct.
        When the screw hole of the plastic material is made, the coolant should be lubricated. For steel, the common use of wire - rail numerical control lathes, which have no or greater concentration of emulsion, requires high availability of vegetable oil or molybdenum disulfide.
        For after a tap tapping machine tapping process, with the hand first attack and has screw thread, not to precession, and then use the tapping head turn.