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        The working principle and characteristics of a high speed drill hole tapping machine

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        1. floating sleeve type is a floating shaft sleeve type air gap compensation equipment. It uses the outlet pressure oil of the pump to introduce the lateral A cavity of the floating shaft sleeve 1 on the gear shaft. Under the effect of liquid pressure, the axle sleeve is tightly attached to the side surface of the gear 3, so that it can eliminate the voids and compensate for the wear amount between the sides of the gear and the shaft bushing. When the pump is started, by spring preload 4 to occur, to ensure the sealing of the axial gap. Active teeth attack machine, general card tapping machine, GT1-203, multi axis tapping machine, fully active dental machine, vibrating disc tapping machine, general drill, active drilling machine, air oil drilling machine, multi axis drilling machine, multi axle fittings and drilling machine accessories.

        2. floating side plate floating side plate compensation equipment is basically similar to that of the floating shaft sleeve. It also uses the outlet pressure oil of the pump to lead the side of the floating side plate 1 to make it close to the end face of the gear 2 to compensate for the gap. When starting, the floating side plate depends on the seal ring to have the pretightening force.

        3. flexible side plate is a flexible plate type space for equipment, it is the use of oil pump outlet pressure leads to the opposite side by side, deformation itself for surface porosity, high speed drilling and tapping machine side plate thickness of thin, inner side surface wear resistance (such as sintering is 0.5 ~ 0.7mm phosphor bronze this layout must adopt measures), after the side beside the outside surface pressure spread substantially and the pressure distribution to adapt to the next gear. The working principle of the inner engagement active tapping machine.