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        What are the standards for the size of the drill hole in the tapping machine

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 15:06:22 Hits:688
        High speed drilling and tapping machine gear transmission design content mainly includes: the choice of materials; determine the spiral tooth number, modulus, gear center distance, angle, displacement coefficient, tooth width and other parameters; other geometric structure dimensions of gear, and the force acting on the shaft size and direction.
        Due to the high speed drilling and tapping machine is generally not open gear pitting, press bending strength calculation, considering the tooth wear influence on strength, modulus of strength should be calculated to increase 10% to 20%; tapping machine open gear cantilever layout, small shaft bearing stiffness, prone to tooth partial load the tooth width coefficient should take some small.
        The open gear transmission of high-speed drilling tapping machine is generally used for low speed. In order to make the supporting structure simple, the spur gear is often used. Because of poor lubrication and sealing, we should pay attention to gear material matching and make it have better friction reduction and wear resistance.
        The size parameter is determined, check whether the transmission of the overall size and related parts will interfere, as amended, and re calculated.
        How many holes do we need to attack in high speed drilling, tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine, pneumatic tapping machine, universal tapping machine, internal tooth machine and so on? This is a lot of people want to know, in general, by tapping machine, tapping machine universal tapping machine factory tapping, extrusion and cutting tap two, for cutting nozzle is of large diameter pitch minus minus ten or twenty wire, wire for extrusion mouth is big diameter and pitch again ten or twenty wire.