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        What is the function of the tapping protection switch

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 15:03:36 Hits:681
        In industrial production, high speed drilling machine often has some problems. In fact, as long as we know the principle of the tapping machine, then we can get out of the problem by removing one by one. Under the operating experience, the working principle of the automatic tooth machine is said below. The high speed drilling machine should be controlled by starting, stopping and protecting three switches. The principle is:
        1. The start switch is controlled by the rear cam, and the tapping axis turns.
        2, then the front micromotion stop switch controls the end of the teeth after the attack.
        3, then the protection switch. If the stop switch works, the high speed drilling tapping machine protection switch will not work and will not shut down. If the stop switch doesn't work, the tapping protection switch will play a role.
        So after stopping the tooth after the attack, that in front of the micro stop switch did not work, this is usually the result of tapping machine is a wire broken or loose.
        High speed drilling tapping machine is a mechanical processing equipment for machining internal thread, screw or tooth buckle on the inside surface of parts with different specifications of through-hole or blind hole, such as machine shell, device end face, nut, flange and so on. The tapping machine is also called tapping machine, thread tapping machine, thread tapping machine, automatic tapping machine and so on. Key points of tapping machine:
        1, workpiece clamping position should be correct, try to make the center line of threaded hole placed in horizontal or vertical position, so that tapping can easily determine whether the axis of taps is perpendicular to the plane of workpiece.
        2, when the tapping, the taps and the screw hole should keep the coaxiality.
        3, the workpiece orifice to the threaded hole chamfering, screw through holes at both ends chamfering.