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        How to repair the power failure of the high speed hole tapping machine

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 15:01:13 Hits:698
        The high speed drilling machine is one of the most common mechanical equipment, and it can also be called a machine tool. It is mainly for processing two times in some metal parts, through new spare parts processed are then used to some large mechanical equipment, such as gantry crane, crane, generator etc.. There are three types of tapping machines. The most common two are multi axis and pneumatic models. These two kinds of devices have different functions and advantages.
        The multi axis type tapping machine is just as its name implies that its axis is quite many, when the equipment is running, the speed is faster, relatively speaking, for spare parts processing, the efficiency will be relatively high. In general, the mechanical equipment can be processed in a single work for multiple holes or silk lines. And the parts manufactured by this type of tapping machine are also mostly used in the automotive industry, such as the steering wheel or brakes on the cars we have.
        The emergence of high speed drilling machine has made many industries in China develop rapidly. The tapping machine is the main equipment for processing two times in some small parts in the machining process, the parts are cut by tapping the gum, so that the internal parts of a layer of thread or holes are stored. The tapping machine is more convenient than the traditional lathe, the reset is faster and the processing efficiency is high. However, since it is a mechanical equipment, then the failure is also inevitable. Then we introduce some of the more common failures.
        Power failure: in some cases, the tapping machine will not run when the tapping machine runs, such as open source, and the device does not run. In this case, there is generally poor contact in the power supply. The general contact of the tapping machine is mainly caused by the surface fuse or the low power. So when it is found that the tapping machine doesn't work, first look at the loosening of the power supply. Secondly, we need to see if the power goes through the bottom. Finally, we need to see if the fuse is broken.
        Sensing fault: the high speed drilling machine equipment can exist in the sensor. The sensor plays a guiding role in the tapping machine. For example, tapping equipment for tapping, attack holes for parts, and when the tapping machine does not move, may as well see whether the sensor is normal. If the sensor fails, then the sensor should be replaced by the professional person at the first time.