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        How to configure the tools and accessories of the CNC machining center

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 14:54:40 Hits:758
        Nowadays, many companies have to repurchase new machines because of their business and job requirements. Such as: high speed CNC machining center, CNC machine, carving machine. So when you buy this kind of machine and equipment, what tools and accessories they need to be purchased in order to be orderly in the work! Do the tools and accessories have a better comprehensive cost performance?
        1. Tools and accessories list:
        1: configuration of CNC machine tool accessories are: universal grinding machine 1, BT strong knife head 2, lock 1, lock plate pedestal knife hand and 1 hand lock plate workpiece, ER extension rod set, ER cylinder elastic collet group 2, instrument 1, 1, vice principal the cleaning rod 1, eccentric type rod 2, universal fixture (screws, nuts), 1, 2 sets of indicators of the workpiece fixture plate 2-3 block (self processing), each of these specific models and specifications are different.
        2:CNC tool configuration: tool cabinet 1, tungsten milling flat knife and knife (R knife) of various specifications, preparation of 5-10 branch between flying rod specifications 2-3, 5-10 box of various types of knife grain.
        Two. The principles and key points for the selection of tools, accessories and tools:
        1: buy accessories should fully understand the company machine categories, specifications and models of various parts of the company, for the purchase of the brand, find the tool and accessories, the strength of the company for consultation, the best supplier of professional CNC technical engineers can make the configuration scheme according to the request of the company, both easy and comfortable. In this line, every tool and accessory has several brands, such as Japan, Taiwan, Europe and America, domestic and price quality.
        2: cutting tools should be selected in advance for the company's machining requirements and quality, processing materials, and so on. It is the choice of Japanese, Taiwan, European and American, domestic. At the same time, the purchasers do not compare the price repeatedly without the comprehensive price ratio. Tungsten rigid Miller general, ordinary flying. It's difficult to purchase. This project is complicated. We should choose some companies that own their own workshop, technical engineers, and some technical support companies, so as to ensure the delivery time, quality and technical parameters, while ensuring the company's production quality.
        The 3 part: brand accessories and tool above: HANSONG tool, Japan South Korea Han Song (MITSUISHI MITSUBISHI, HITACHI Hitachi, SUMITOMO DIJET, has Sumitomo tool, BIG, STK, OSG, Z NT precision knife first (PARFAITE): Taiwan, Heyuan, Pu Hui is SYIC AKENJYC, aken, CNC milling cutter rod cutter, AWACROW Anvi (Wan Rong) precision cutter head, boring machine, E-CHENSUNROXM eChain CNC lathe tool rod, DHF steel milling cutter, Simon Dirk, HKF, STS, TTK etc.). Europe and the United States and the rest (American Kenna, Korea AHK knife, South Korea M&T, Israeli VARGUS, German HAIMER, etc.).