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        What is the reason that the vertical machining center does not grab the knife?

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 14:36:47 Hits:694
        The machining center is centered on the CNC control unit. It coordinates with the servo unit to communicate with the servo system, and controls the operation of the servomotors of several axes, so as to achieve the cutting motion of each axis. The machine tool consists of bed body, slide board, worktable, column, electric cabinet, knife library, oil mist lubrication unit of spindle and chip cutter. Use the SIEMENS A2100 system. (see the processing method for aging of components in vertical machining centers)
        In the processing center, there are two means of changing the knife and changing the knife directly. Many reasons can cause the knife library can not correctly grasp the knife or change the knife, summed up the following 7 points.
        1. The electromagnetic valve or magnetic induction switch of the knife library
        The vertical machining center of VMC750 is used directly to change the knife, and the action of the tool library has two kinds of swinging and rotation. A three bit five - way solenoid valve is used to control the cylinder to swing the tool library, and the tool library is rotated through a single phase tool library motor. There is a gradual switch in the knife library for the number of knife libraries. Change the knife, knife should be placed into the main position, the original tool put back the knife, and then rotating knife library to find a tool to catch. The position and in situ of the spindle are judged by two magnetic switches on the cylinder of the knife. When the solenoid valve and magnetic switch fail, and the alarm is [39-12], the tool magazine does not swing to the spindle position in the specified time. When [39-15], the tool magazine is not placed in place in the specified time. At this time, check whether the solenoid valve has actions. If the swing tool magazine can't hear the action of the solenoid valve, it is necessary to manually check the valve's quality.
        2. Damage caused by light calamity plate
        If the valve is correct, we should see I/O switch state: whether a signal or in situ SLIDRUMPARK000:00/16 SLIDRUMSPDL000:00/15 spindle has been given. Check the corresponding 24V level signal on the optical hazard board, whether the 110V voltage on the board and the signal from light hazard is sent to the solenoid valve. If we check the voltage of each signal, we can find out the failure point. Generally, the possibility of damage to the tube and the light tube is more likely, and it will be better to buy the same glass safety pipe or the light tube.
        3. Incorrectly three switches in the spindle box
        The position of the spindle cutter is correct or not, it is judged by three progressive switches in the spindle box (SQ7 clamping switch, SQ8 loosening switch, SQ9 no knife switch). The three switch triangular distribution, respectively, in different parts of induction loose broach cylinder operation. The correct position switch should be (1) normal no knife: SQ9, SQ7 light; (2) normal with a knife: only SQ7 light; (3) press the loose knife key: only SQ8 light. Usually, the three switch states are not correct. The alarm code is [39-4]: pull rod failure; [39-13]: pull rod loosening; [39-14]: pull rod clamping failure; [39-34]: the tool is not clamped. This kind of alarm is related to these three progressive switches. It is necessary to check the good and bad of the switch and adjust it to the right position so that the switch is correct.
        4. Mechanical card death
        If the handle of the knife is stuck, the bottom pressure of the cylinder can be heard by the loose knives, but the knife can not be taken off. This is because the rusty handle did not pay attention to maintenance, or due to the hilt with iron spindle hole or causing death card. Now just hold the knife loosing key, confirm the somra knife cylinder pressure situation, with a wooden handle matched effect on the edge of the knife gently knock off. Then is the rod stuck, which requires disassembling the spindle, the pull rod type, the rod surface will usually have scratches, if serious, need to scratch milling off, heavy static typing can be.
        Sometimes the cutter is mechanically jammed. Besides the scrap iron of the mechanical cleaning card in the cutterhead, the operator is requested to clear away the iron scraps in the tool shed and keep the tool magazine and the hilt clean.
        5. Incorrectly caused by the number switch of the knife library
        The incorrect number switch of the tool library can also cause the incorrect completion of the knife change or the grasping knife. [39-38]: no alarm Daotao to correct position; [39-44]: the knife can not be put into the main position. Check whether the switch is damaged and adjust the switch state to the correct induction position.
        6. CNC system failure
        Some strange phenomena have also been encountered in maintenance. When the equipment starts normally, through self checking, loading system, two power on, calibration of mechanical zeros, and then calibration of tool magazine, the magazine can neither rotate nor swing. See the I/O switch, press the Fl key (found in situ PARK and F2 (SPDL), a key spindle switch) PRIDRUM PARK and PRIDRUM SPDL was 0, indicating the signal is not given, the knife is not action. Check the inventory, found on the left side of the motherboard, the motherboard, the right deck board, I/O board, servo, touch screen and keyboard are through the normal. But open the electrical cabinet inspection, but found that the CNC system Qiaoban indicator is not correct. Through the exchange of two machine test, the fault point will eventually locked in the bridge, after the replacement of recovery.
        7. Machine tool protection
        Sometimes, the machine tool is protected from action due to misoperation, so that it can't grasp the knife correctly. At this time, we need to press the emergency stop switch for two times to turn on the electricity, or shut down directly, restart it to restore.
        Of course, there are a variety of reasons for not grasping the knife and changing the knife correctly, and the specific analysis is needed.