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        How to choose the right CNC machining center

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 14:34:45 Hits:737
        First, to meet the technological process
        The geometry of the workpiece and the processing area determine the type and size of the machine.
        The machining accuracy requirements of revolving body with some planes or grooves can be numerically controlled and vertical machining centers can be selected for several times. The products with high accuracy should be selected by turning centers.
        Drilling and tapping in a working face (aperture smaller than 12mm) is the best choice for jig arm drilling and attack machine, and large aperture is suitable for vertical machining center.
        In a plane or the position of the workpiece surface milling and milling, drilling, boring surface processing requirements, selection of type of vertical machining center is different, have a higher position of non-ferrous metals, soft metal and small metal allowance and black metal (iron, steel, stainless steel workpiece size etc.) the relatively small parts suitable for vertical machining center with fourth axes of the completed form.
        It is more reasonable to choose a horizontal machining center with a higher precision (more than 500mm Square) and a large surface.
        Large part complex surface processing, plane processing, drill attack and so on are usually selected by Longmen machining center. Side milling head can be matched with side demand for processing. Longmen side milling head can be selected.
        The number and processing time of the process determine the selection and type of the tool library.
        The machining process is simple and does not require frequent tool changing (a tool processing time is greater than 10 minutes). The labor intensity of workers is moderate, and a machining center without a tool magazine (CNC vertical milling machine and CNC horizontal milling machine) can be selected.
        When the working procedure is complex and the demand for cutting tools is much, the machining center with automatic knife change device is generally used. The tool processing time is relatively long (10 minutes), tool change time (7 to 30 seconds, the bamboo hat) can be neglected can choose bamboo hat type machining center; in order to improve the machining efficiency and tool change time time is relatively obvious when the manipulator type knife (also called disc type, arm type. Its characteristic is a tool, and grasp the target knife and mechanical arm on the spindle and pre knife, knife, cutter selection target processing in parallel, while rotating without interruption waiting, tool change time 2. Between 5 and 5 seconds).
        Two, the satisfaction of the precision requirements
        According to our experience 0. 05mm as a watershed rough machining machine tool and machine tool, but also consider the period after the new machine tool accuracy is reduced, so the precision requirements of the drawings (mainly the position tolerance and shape tolerance such as ovality can through selection process and tools such as the original by arc milling, ellipticity error, after the change is boring boring good) decreased by 0. 005 - 0. 015mm to consider the accuracy of machine tools.
        The current popular practice is: general precision requirements (>=0. The product of 1mm) is basically satisfied with the numerical control equipment (can choose Ningbo Hengda machine product); precision requirement (0. 05 - 0. 1mm) product selection of domestic equipment, key components Taiwan and above quality can be. Precision requirements (0. 01 - 0. 05mm) products, choose the domestic machine with design ability or Taiwan machine or original Taiwan machine set up in the mainland. Precision requirements (<=0. 01mm) products to choose high-end CNC equipment.
        There is a high precision, and large quantity of products, we recommend it is to buy good stability of the domestic machine system for roughing and semi finishing, with a small amount of high-grade equipment is refined, so that both the efficiency of investment cost is greatly reduced, is a good choice.
        Three. Chip efficiency and process optimization determine the processing efficiency
        One is heavy cutting type mechanical structure, vertical machining center column bottom down before and after widening Y type design and column direction of widening and reasonable reinforcement layout is the key to improve the rigidity and stability of the Ningbo Hengda Machinery products is based on the concept of organization of production and sales; two is the electric motor system determines the size of processing the ability of machine tool. To consider the mold processing industry are suitable for heavy cutting machine; and processing of products especially large quantities of small machining allowance products to optimize the process, or tightening process, reduce fixture handling and other auxiliary working time, improve the use efficiency of the machine, including the selection of quick tool changer etc..
        Four. The cost of purchasing and the cost of use determine the value of machine tool
        The purchasing cost is the price comparison case ultimately determine the supplier after the purchase contract price to determine, in general than the price it is easy to buy also must do one thing, there is a point worth mentioning, is the allocation decision "maintenance" stability and precision, but does not guarantee good configuration must be good the accuracy of this is not the same thing as it is often said that "a full set of German domestic parts get assembled out of something and a far cry from the German original" for the same reason, the raw materials suppliers, technical level, production technology and testing methods in plus good be good machine to output. Here is a concept of use cost, which includes the failure rate of machine tools, the timeliness and accuracy of maintenance, the labor intensity and energy consumption of workers, such as cutting tools, electricity, occupying field size, operator's level requirements and so on.