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        Design of cutting tool for sharing vertical machining center

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 14:34:07 Hits:693
        The high rigidity spindle of vertical machining center can be increased by more than 30% with the high torque device. The machine tool has a strong overall structure, the machine tool structure is optimized by the finite element analysis, the rigidity is stronger, and the structure is more stable. The three axis is equipped with a precision protective cover, which can better protect the precision ball screw and linear guide of the machine tool. At the same time, the machine can be better discharged.
        In order to meet the requirements of lightweight of the whole machine under the condition of ensuring the initial dynamic and static stiffness of the vertical machining center, a multi-objective optimization design method is proposed based on the objective function of mass and first order natural frequency. The finite element analysis and modal test are combined to test and analyze the dynamic characteristics of the whole machine, so as to ensure the precision of the finite element model. Select the appropriate structural finite element analysis of sample points through the test methods of composite design center in ANSYS simulation software on the sample point of the static and dynamic characteristics are calculated and analyzed, according to the response value established to reflect the structural design input and response two polynomial response surface model output relationship. Use transfer Hammersley sampling technique, extraction of uniform distribution in the sample points in the design space, and the trade-off between ranking, get better initial population. The multi-objective genetic algorithm is applied to multi-objective optimization of the whole machine quality and the first natural frequency of the machining center, and the Pareto optimal solution set is obtained. Under the premise of ensuring the whole motor's static performance of the machining center does not drop, the quality is reduced by 6. 58%. The results show that the method has high precision and strong engineering practicability. This section is a summary of the dynamic and static multi-objective optimization of vertical machining centers based on response surface method, which are described in detail.
        Now the vertical machining center is commonly used Doulishan knife or chain knife, a mechanical hand tool change, tool selection and optional for the manipulator and seize new knife knife and tool spindle is changed, however the hand manipulator rotates 180 degrees on the two tools to complete tool change,. The knife process. No mechanical hand in changing the knife, knife to rotate to the tool spindle space Daotao back knife library, and then in the rotating knife to the tool position to change after the knife to the spindle. So the way of changing the knife of the manipulator is much more efficient.
        The automatic tool changer of vertical machining center is usually composed of tool magazine and manipulator. It is the symbol of machining center and the key link of machining center's success or failure. So the processing center manufacturers are vigorously developing the next automatic tool changer for rapid action, high reliability, in order to get good benefits in the fierce competition, automatic tool change is the core processing center, the manufacturers are confidential, rarely disclose the information, especially the mechanical part of the hand is even more so.