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        How should the common parts of a vertical machining center be maintained?

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/14 14:30:55 Hits:682
        Vertical machining center, as a highly automated processing equipment, will fail in such a long way when it is used or misused for a long time, so we have to do routine maintenance work.
        1. The servo motor and the spindle motor part of the vertical machining center
        The servo motor and control system are the key parts of the power source and precision control of the machine tools, focusing on the noise and Wen Sheng. If noise or temperature rise is too large, we should find out whether it is a mechanical problem such as bearing or the parameter setting of its matching amplifier, and take corresponding measures to solve it. The servo axis in motion such as abnormal sound, possibly due to mechanical noise, coupling, screw and servo motor are not concentric caused, the vertical machining center and motor coupling disengaged, separate operation of the motor, if the motor is still noisy, then adjust the speed loop gain and position loop gain proper, the motor is silent if, without noise, judgment is screw and coupling concentricity, re correction concentricity, and is connected with the motor, the general problem can be eliminated.
        2. Measuring feedback elements in vertical machining center
        The measurement feedback part includes encoder, grating ruler, etc., it is necessary to check regularly whether the connection of each element is loose, whether it is polluted by oil or dust, and dust and fine iron dust can destroy such elements.
        3. The electrical control part of the vertical machining center
        Always check the connection machine external three-phase power supply voltage is normal; check the electrical components of the connection is good; with the help of CRT display screen diagnosis inspection of all types of switch is effective; check the relay and the contactor is working properly, the contact is good; thermal relay, electric arc suppressor protection element is effective; the components inside the electrical cabinet inspection vertical machining center if the temperature is too high. The contactor is bad contact, can be opened with a small cut contactor, high temperature oxide contact surface down, and then with cotton and alcohol will wipe out the debris, and then re assembled, multimeter to contact conduction test.
        4, NC system control part of vertical machining center
        The control system includes numerical control unit, power module, I/O interface, servo amplifier, spindle amplifier, operation panel, display and so on. Maintenance is mainly to check whether all the voltage values are within the specified limits, whether the electrical components are loose, whether the fan running of each functional module is normal or not, and to remove dust from fans and filter nets.