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        Analysis of the technical features of high speed CNC Machining Center

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/8 19:02:04 Hits:666
        High speed CNC machining center is much higher than the three axis machining center in the price, according to the five axis machining center and three axis machining center price comparison, five axis three axis than the price of about 50%. Although the price of the five axis high-speed machining center is high, the high speed CNC machining center is especially suitable for the machining of complex geometric shapes.
        Cavity in high speed CNC machining center processing in deep, steep, through additional rotary and swinging the workpiece or the spindle head to create the best conditions for processing the cutter, and avoid cutter and cutter bar and cavity wall collision risk, reduce the processing tool and the tool breakage jitter. In order to improve the die surface quality and machining efficiency and durability of the tool. When purchasing a machining center, the user selects three axis machining center or five axis machining center. It should be decided according to the complexity and accuracy of the mold cavity geometry.
        The defects of the driving components of the motorized spindle will cause the stability of the motorized spindle to be worse, and the extra large additional dynamic load will appear in the operation of the spindle. When the dynamic load is close to the natural frequency of the spindle or the structure of the machine tool, the vibration of the spindle and the CNC machine tool at its modal frequency will be aggravated.
        The processing precision and efficiency are affected, and the deterioration rate of the defects of the spindle and the probability of failure are further aggravated. High speed CNC machining center by analysis method to obtain the electric spindle and machine tool structure can be excited modal test and the modal parameters such as natural frequency and vibration mode, high speed CNC machining center by experimental modal analysis results to determine the weak link of anti vibration structure of machine tool spindle components and may lead to design defects and the structure of the machine tool spindle.

        The process of innovation from the high speed CNC machining center can be seen, make full use of the latest achievements in the field of modern technology, especially the use of the latest achievements of drive technology and control technology, is the key to improve the performance, high speed machining center machining accuracy and the dynamic characteristics of the.

        High speed CNC machining center itself accuracy is higher than the ordinary engine bed, the operation personnel do not participate in the operation in the machining process for complex parts can be automatically by computer programming, and the parts are often installed on the positioning and clamping device simple, thus speeding up the production preparation process so the machining precision of NC machine bed to ensure all by itself and eliminate the human operator error; and because the NC machining process, reduces parts of multiple clamping effect on machining precision, so the quality of high precision of the size, good consistency, stable quality.