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        CNC machine tool programmer should understand?

        Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017/11/8 18:48:02 Hits:699
        The selection of the process is the choice of comprehensive consideration of the capacity of the equipment and the technical ability of the personnel. Without the support and trust of the staff, it is impossible to be an excellent craftsmen. Through such a long period of study and accumulation, you should achieve the following technical standards and requirements:

        1. Familiar with the structure and process characteristics of drilling, milling, boring, grinding and planer.

        2. Familiarity with the performance of processing materials.

        3, solid tool theory basic knowledge, master cutting tool's conventional cutting amount and so on.

        4. Familiar with the technical specifications and standards of the enterprise, the general requirements for the processing of various processes, and the process route of the conventional parts. Reasonable material consumption and time quota and so on.

        5, collect a certain amount of tool, machine tool, mechanical standard data. In particular, we should be familiar with the tool system used in CNC machine tools.

        6. Be familiar with the selection and maintenance of the coolant.

        7, there should be a common sense of the related work. For example, casting, electrical processing, heat treatment and so on.

        8. There is a good foundation for the fixture.

        9. Understand the assembly requirements and requirements of the processed parts.

        10. There is a good basis for the measurement technology.