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      2. Welcome to visit Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD official website!


        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD
        Contact: Mr. Zhang
        Sales Hotline: 134-0510-5251
        Hotline: 181-3611-6252
        Tel: 0512-57779943
        Web: www.yeenfashion.net.cn
        Address:No. 16, Yingyang Avenue, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

        Company Profile

        Current location:Home --> Company Profile

        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD is high speed precision engraving and milling a development, development, production and sales of drilling and tapping machine, machine and machining center series of products of high-tech enterprises. Good machinery since its inception, and turned to the world in the field of numerical control has a strong ability, advanced technology in Europe and the United States, Japan and Taiwan to develop numerical control field, because the company gathered a group of work in the field of NC professionals for many years, the company has strong technical support and competitive advantage in R & D, manufacturing industry in.

        At present, the company has a series of products such as drilling tapping machine, high speed precision milling machine and comprehensive processing center. The company's products are suitable for the automobile industry injection mold, hardware mold, carving mold and so on. Such as: automotive tires, small household appliances, footwear, trademarks, graphite electrodes, toy industry, wafer, badge, printing, handicrafts, watch and clock industry, zippers, hardware accessories, furniture industry, sports equipment, glasses industry, embossing wheel, aerospace parts, carburetor and so on.

        Good machinery will further strengthen the internal management of enterprises, the majority of users with the most advanced technology, excellent equipment, the best quality service to domestic and foreign new and old friends, but also sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company.