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      2. Welcome to visit Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD official website!


        Kunshan Liangjiang Precision Machinery Co.,LTD
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        CNC Engraving And Milling Machine

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        DX-650 CNC Engraving Machine
        DX-650 CNC Engraving Machine
        Product Overview:
        One.Use of machine toolsOn the basis of inheriting the advantages of rigid frame, symmetrical structure and strong stability, the machine tool has introduced th…
        One.Use of machine tools

        On the basis of inheriting the advantages of rigid frame, symmetrical structure and strong stability, the machine tool has introduced the international advanced concept of dynamic rigidity and optimized the design of mobile parts. The machine tool has great torque and fast response characteristics, and it is suitable for various mechanical processing fields, such as automobile, mould, aerospace, military industry, hardware and so on.

        Two. Overall layout of machine tools

        The overall layout of the machine tool is a frame structure, the base is fixed, and the worktable is moved from the base to the base of X.

        Three. The structural features of the machine tool
        1, high rigidity, long lasting accuracy retention
        ?The machine is mainly large: base, table, column, beam, slide, slide are made of high quality resin sand molding, high strength and high quality cast iron, with heat treatment process improvement to eliminate the residual stress, and the layout of sufficient reinforcement plate, ensure the machine has enough strength and rigidity and high stability.
        ?The XY axle adopts imported heavy load roller guide, which has strong rigidity and good dynamic precision.
        ?The three axle drive adopts Taiwan large diameter grinding double nut ball screw rod, which has compact structure, smooth movement and high precision. The silk rod support is supported by the Japanese imported silk rod support bearing, which is prestretched at both ends to eliminate the precision loss caused by the thermal elongation. A stable high rigid mechanical transmission system is made up.
        ?The staircase structure, the cross section of the beam is large, the distance of the guide rail is large, the center of the spindle is short, the turning moment is small, and the structure has a good rigidity.
        ?The high rigidity Taiwan produces the Longmen special-purpose spindle, uses the lubricating grease lubrication, enables the spindle bearing to obtain the constant and reliable lubrication, is economical and environmental protection, and has realized the long term free maintenance.
        2, high precision and high dynamic response characteristics
        ?The spindle is supported with three points to make the spindle get high rigidity and high spindle rotary precision.
        ?The XY axis roller guide has high accuracy, large load and only 0.002 friction coefficient. It reduces the phenomenon of low speed crawling and achieves good positioning accuracy and high dynamic response characteristics.
        ?The Z axis adopts the structure of the nitrogen balance cylinder, and its dynamic response speed is higher than the traditional hydraulic balance structure, and its structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.
        3. High efficiency

        ?The spindle speed is up to 24000rpm, the three axis can move up to 12m/min quickly, and the cutting feed speed can reach 12m/min.

        Four. System standard function
        1, CNC function
        The minimum resolution: 1um maximum moving speed: 12m/min straight line, arc, helix interpolation automatic deceleration control return reference point coordinate setting MDI function of M, S, T graphics processing static simulation and real-time tracking of fixed circular milling
        2, CNC programming
        The smallest unit of programming: 0.001mm, 0.001 degrees maximum program size: 99999.999 rows: 2 billion for maximum programming metric / inch absolute / relative programming instruction programming macro programming subroutine calls plane selection of workpiece coordinate setting local coordinate coordinate rotation, zoom and mirror set
        3. Editors
        Background edit character lookup and replace file deletion and copy
        4. Display
        Chinese menu function, graphic display, status display, current position display program, display program error, display operation error, display alarm display, coordinate axis setting, display spindle speed self diagnosis function.
        5, interpolation function

        Linear interpolation, maximum four axis circular interpolation spiral interpolation

        6, tool compensation
        Tool length compensation for tool radius compensation
        7. Operation
        Handheld unit of color LCD display
        8. Operation mode
        Automatic single segment MDI point moving incremental feed incremental feed manual / automatic back reference point feed to keep empty operation
        9. Feed shaft function
        Feed trimming 0% to 150% quickly shift 0%, 25%, 50%, 100%
        10. The function of the spindle
        Spindle speed: can be programmed by PLC to control spindle repair 50% - 120%
        11. Other functions

        RS232 - C communication interface program protection function

        Five. Installation conditions
        1. Temperature
        In order to keep the accuracy of machine tools in the range of standard guarantee value, we should ensure that the working environment temperature is 17 degrees ~25, and maintain the temperature change of 24 hours in the range of + 2 degrees.
        If the precision of the processed parts is lower than the precision of the machine tool factory, the ambient temperature range can be relaxed to 10 ~38 C.

        Continuous: less than 75% (non - condensation) short time: less than 95% (non - condensation)


        Below 1000M
        3. Conditions for installation of places
        The concentration of dust in the air should not be greater than 10mg/m3. No acid, salt and corrosive gas in the air
        4. Power supply
        5, 3 phase 380V + 10%; 50HZ;
        6. Capacity of power source
        7. Grounding
        Good grounding is required. Each machine tool is recommended to be grounded alone. The wire diameter of the grounding wire should not be less than the power line.

        Six, marking the content of supply
        NC machining center milling machine DX-650
        The following configuration and attachments are included:
        1. Numerical control system and servo motor and driving unit
        2. The main shaft blowing device
        3. Full automatic lubrication system
        4, cutting and cooling system, increase the high pressure water pump 10-15KG
        5. Heat exchange system of electric box
        6, chip system, after the water,
        7, working light, mechanical abnormal state warning lamp
        8, RS232C transmission interface, 220V power interface
        9, hand pulse generator
        10. Horizontal regulation system (including pads and adjusting bolts)
        11. The Basic Toolbox (including one set of six angle wrenches, one word from ten, one RS232 transmission line)
        12, 380V/220V 50HZ transformer
        13. Outer shield
        14. Certificate of qualification
        15, mechanical / electrical instructions
        16. System operation / programming manual
        17. Packing list

        Seven, main specifications and technical parameters

        Product model

        DX- 650



        Workbench size



        Worktable bearing



        T groove width



        Processing range

        X axis stroke



        axis stroke



        axis stroke



        Principal axis

        Cone type



        Nail specification

        45 degrees


        Speed range



        Spindle motor power

        5.5 electric spindle



        Cutting feed speed range



        X axis fast moving



        axis fast moving



        axis fast moving



        System configuration

        New generation 21MA


        The knife

        Okada 12 knives

        Shape size

        Three axis guide gauge (XYZ)

        Y/Z axis -30# line rail


        X axis 30# line rail

        Three axis wire rod specification (XYZ)

        X axis 2510


        Y axis 2510

        Z axis 2510

        Bearing specification

        X axis 20TAC47B


        Y axis 20TAC47B

        Z axis 20TAC47B

        Mainframe size

        about 1900X1700X2100


        Host weight

         about 3.2


        According to the different styles and batches of the customer, please refer to the foundation map.

        Eight. List of main purchase parts

        Serial number



        Special order


        numerical control system

        New generation 21MA



        Wire rod

        Taiwan silver or Rexroth



        Wire rod bearing

        NSK, NTN, Japan



        Ball linear guide

        Taiwan silver or Rexroth



        principal axis

        Wuxi Rong Hua



        Play knife cylinder

        investment from Taiwan



        Precision lock nut

        Taiwan silver tin



        Main components of the lubrication system

        Taiwan baoteng



        Main components of pneumatic system

        Taiwan Yadeke



        Main elements of nitrogen balance




        Main components of electrical system








        X direction steel shield

        Hong Wang



        Y organ shield

        Hong Wang



        Water pump

        investment from Taiwan


        Nine. The configuration of machine tool selection (need to pay for another)

        Serial number









        The knife

        12 knives


        Ten. Precautions

        The customer must be in strict accordance with our foundation drawing foundation, if need to change, must obtain our written confirmation, otherwise it will not guarantee the accuracy of machine tool.
        Acceptance criteria and methods
        1. The acceptance of machine tools is carried out in two times: pre acceptance and final acceptance.
        2, pre acceptance in Kunshan Liangjiang Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd, machine tool inspection requirements refer to "GB/T25658.1-2010 CNC machining center milling machine test conditions of precision test, such as" special requirements according to an agreed sample test cutting test, and the two sides agreed to the machining accuracy and process capability.
        The 3 and final acceptance in the user plant, installed and debugged by the Kunshan Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd will send, in principle only acceptance precision: if any environment and corresponding software and hardware facilities, we can check with precision table.
        4. The samples, cutting tools and special fixtures required for sample cutting are provided by the buyer, except for special stipulations.
        5. Note:
        1) if the machine is shipped to the buyer's factory for 30 days, the installation and commissioning of the machine can not be carried out because of the buyer's cause, which is regarded as the acceptance of the machine tool.
        2) the precision index of the machine tool is tested according to the acceptance accuracy table of the technical agreement. If the buyer has any objection to the test result, the buyer can prepare the testing equipment and appoint the national certification inspecting party to recheck. If the test result is consistent with the accuracy table of the technical agreement, the cost incurred during the inspection period will be borne by the buyer. The buyer must seal the machine tool before testing, and if the buyer opens the machine, it is deemed to be qualified.
        3) it is the basic requirement for the precision processing to keep the ambient temperature as the uniform value. According to the rule of GB/T17421.3-2009 (ISO 1:2002), all linear measurements should be done at room temperature of 20 degrees, and it is required to measure the heat balance between the measuring instrument and the tested object (such as machine tool) and the surrounding environment.